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The Team

GVV Terroirs’ team has been formed under the principles of Family, Quality and commitment to Terroir. For this, we are proud to represent a select group of family-owned estate wineries from Chile that produce great Terroir wines with strong personality. We all share a deep belief that our wines represent a culture and elevate people’s senses.

Stefano Gandolini

As a winemaker, Stefano is highly regarded for his ability to identify exceptional Terroirs and his strong commitment to quality. His international winemaking experience from the classic European enology and the modern viticulture has allowed him to be the Chief Winemaker at Santa Rita’s wineries like Carmen and Terra Andina (Chile) and Dona Paula (Argentina). In Terra Andina and Dona Paula, he was involved from the beginning and had an key role in developing these successful brands. Since the foundation of Von Siebenthal winery (1998), he has been involved as winemaker and viticulture consultant. This winery is considered one the most exclusive producers from Chile and one of the few wineries that has received 97 points by The Wine Advocate - the highest rating ever for a Chilean wine. In 2001, he planted his family vineyards in Maipo Alto, where he makes all viticulture decisions. He continues to be a leading winemaker and now he is a partner, CEO and Chief Winemaker at Gandolini and Ventolera wineries. He leads the team at G.V.V. Terroirs.

Santiago Colvin

Raised in Pirque. Santiago graduated with a Bachelor in International Business Management with a Diploma in Negotiation. His interest and passion for the world of wines took him to work at Viña Carta Vieja (Currently known as Viña del Pedregal) in Villa Alegre, where he worked to build himself as an open-minded professional with outstanding business skills. Driven by his interest in starting fresh, helping a small business to grow in this industry, and the willing of getting involved beyond the world of wine, he arrived to GVV Terroirs as Customer Service helping with backoffice.

Francisco Klimscha

Francisco studied Gastronomy, Tourism and Hospitality in Austria. Moreover, he worked around several wine regions in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and France. He holds a sommelier degree form Switzerland and Austria; while in Chile he obtained his certification in wine marketing from Universidad de Chile. He also founded the company Slow Travel, which specializes in wine and culinary tourism. He introduced Von Siebenthal wines in Chile and was in charge of launching the brand and also developed the on-premise sales channels. Today, he is part of G.V.V. Terroirs and manages the Chilean market and logistics.