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Founded in 2012, GVV Terroirs is the export department of Chile and Argentina news ultra premium wineries that are Family, Terroir and  Quality Oriented. 

GVV Terroirs brings you a select group of family-owned Estate wineries from Chile and Argentina, which believe that fine wines should be the true expression of their Terroirs.

Our wineries were founded on the belief that they could produce exceptional wines from Chile & Argentina, based on extracting the best potential from each Terroir. In this sense, Production is key to our commercial plan and there is no compromise for quality. The same principle acts as a leading commandment for all our organization and activities.

We have a worldwide distribution network through selected importers which have an excelent penetration to exclusive restaurants and specialized wine stores. We are always looking to expand ourselves to new markets and importers, whom strong, friendly and trustfully relation is for us a key factor

Our main goal is to position our wineries as the top most luxury wineries from Chile and Argentina, based on the communication of these following values / image:

  • In Chile, Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal use state-of-the-art technology, apply the best viticulture practices and Stefano Gandolini makes all their wines. Therefore, the only difference among them is the place where the grapes are grown, hence they can only produce wines that are the “True Expression of Terroir”.


  • We full believe that people and relationships are the key base in order to developing a long-term business. We are small company and all our wineries are family-owned, in which two of them (Gandolini and Ventolera) Stefano Gandolini is partner, as well as partner in GVV Terroirs. Therefore, you will have direct contact with us, the owners, who dedicate all our time and passion to develop our brand worldwide. 


  • Wine Selection / portfolio : We believe that it is very important to have all our wineries together with one importer in order to have the resources and be more efficient in terms of consolidation of a POs. Therefore, we understand we have a broad portfolio of Terroir wines, so we could


Our Sales Director Asia, Daimei Fam, is based in Japan and is able to give the customer support to the entire Asian market (market visits, staff training or wine tastings), with great experience in ultra premium wines from Chile.