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Location: La Consulta, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina Map: Ver Mapa en google Maps
Web Site: http://www.ltuwines.com/ Latitude: 33°44'59.8

In our families, wine has been the central reason for adventure and progress. Emigrating in the late 1800’s from traditional wine producing countries like France (Bordeaux and Toulouse), Italy (Piedmont) and Spain, our families disembarked to Chile and Argentina in search of happiness and prosperity doing what was in their blood: producing wine. Today, this is still the reason why six friends from Argentina and Chile who have successfully developed their own wine projects in their respective countries, have come together to produce a top class Single Vineyard Malbec out of La Consulta , in Mendoza, Argentina.

From a single terroir…

The grapes involved in this wine come from a single vineyard in La Consulta (Uco Valley). The vineyard was planted back in 1998 over a alluvial soil and is irrigated with snowmelt water from the Andes. At + 3,000 feet altitude this vineyard benefits of warm days and cool nights, ideal condition to produce grapes of great color, aromas and flavors. Out of the 20 hectares of Malbec already planted we are currently using 2 hectares for our LTU and selling the remaining grapes to other notable producers. With a novel story of only three released vintages, LTU has already won recognition from local press and fellow winemakers as one of the Iconic Malbecs from Argentina.” A future classic” has the press published. With a limited annual  production of no more than 8,000 bottles LTU is already being sold worldwide through premium wine specialists.

Dedicated to the passion of our ancestors, whom spent their lives among vineyards and cellars, we have named our wine after their (and ours) last names initials: LTU.

“Six dreams, six friends, six stories and a shared legacy”
From Argentina: Julio, Mario & Ricardo
From Chile: Tomas, Alfonso & Cristóbal