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Location: Lolol, Colchagua coastal, Colchagua valley, Chile Map: Ver Mapa en google Maps
Web Site: Latitude: -34.814827, -71.624478

This journey begins in 2013 when, after years of making wine both in Chile and in different corners of the planet, Ximena Pacheco, the woman winemaker, takes the personal decision of starting a different project, with a strong relationship with the Earth and her own vision of what can be expressed in a vineyard.

She found my dreamed place in Lolol, in a small valley surrounded by granite hills that give origin to the soil where grow these vines. Under the influence of the winds from the sea and the mountains, it gives the wine a great freshness as well as its floral character.

Her intention is to give life to a wine that evokes the passion that lies behind the bottle, a search for the personality of the vineyard, the love of nature, the understanding of the identity of the fruit when becoming wine.


Ximena Pacheco believes oenology is of little intervention, she is willing to give the best interpretation of the Terroir, its life and all the magic that surrounds it.