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Location: San Juan, Leyda Valley, Chile Map: Ver Mapa en google Maps
Web Site: http://www.ventolerawines.com Latitude: -33.692281,-71.514667

Founded in 2008 by Vicente Izquierdo Menendez, a well-known businessman from Chile. Ventolera is a family-owned estate & winery located in San Juan, Leyda Valley, Chile and it is fully dedicated to making Terroir-oriented wines.

In 2011, Stefano Gandolini joined Ventolera as a partner and Chief Winemaker and his commitment to produce world-class wines can be proved by his international award-wining reputation as well as by the outstanding quality of his Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs, which are considered among the best from Chile.

“Ventolera” is a Spanish word that refers to a strong sea wind that sweeps through the Leyda Valley.

San Juan is located just 12 km (7 mi) from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Leyda Valley, Chile’s newest and most radical cool climate wine region. Thus, Ventolera vineyards are strongly influenced by the Humboldt Current’s cooling effect, which flows up from the Antarctic along the country’s coastline.

Ventolera aims to represent the essence of its soil, cool climate and culture by making ultra premium wines that are the True Expression of Terroir. Hence, its winemaking starts in the vineyard with the commitment of producing the best grapes, always in harmony with the environment.

All their wines capture the elegance and minerality of the granitic soil, in order to produce world-class and cool climate wines.

Located at latitude 33º South, Ventolera Estate & Winery consists mostly of rolling hills, at an elevation of 200 mt (600 ft). The Estate has 600 ha (1,482 acres), of which only 161 ha (394 acres) are in production with 6 grape varieties.

Ventolera has a state-of-the-art winery with a storage capacity of 150.000 lts (39,700 gls) and uses a windmill to produce its own green energy.