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Location: Perdriel & High-Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina Map: Ver Mapa en google Maps
Web Site: http://www.bodegacruzat.com Latitude: -33.075464,-68.921188

The winery was founded in 2004 by a group of Chilean entrepreneurs and by the Argentinean winemaker Pedro Federico Rosell. From the start the objective has been to develop premium quality sparkling wines for the high-end market.

To begin with, one of the priorities of the project, was to find the most appropriate place to plant the vineyards and build the winery so as to comply with the objective of producing sparkling wines of the highest level. To this end the required ideal characteristics were identified, areas at the right altitude, land with good drainage and the right temperatures. Cruzat’s sparkling wines are produced using the traditional method of second fermentation in bottle. They are the reflection of the permanent search for excellence and they are as well the constant detailed work in each of the production processes.

At Cruzat, we only use Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes for the production of our sparkling wines. The grapes are handpicked during the first weeks of February at its vineyards in Perdriel and the heights of Uco Valley, Mendoza province. These geographical regions are located at 1,000 meters above sea level. They are dry areas with little rain, temperate climate, severe winters, mellow springs, warm summers during the day with cool nights. The soil conditions are deep sandy loam which makes it very permeable. At the same time, the high percentage of stones conforms a poorer Terroir for the vines, which allows to enhance the quality of the grapes.

The combination of altitude, alluvial terrain, the lack of rain and predominant thermal amplitude contribute to the excellence of these vineyards.

The winery is equipped with a tank room with a capacity to produce 200,000 litres of base wine per year. After the first fermentation is completed, the base wine is maintained at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks with its yeast for a period of12 months for the Classic range, 24 months for the Cuvée Réserve and in the case of Millesime for around 70 months.

Its underground cellar is remarkable for its optimum levels of temperature and illumination, which allows the process of the second fermentation and storage in bottle to be completed under the very best quality standards. In there, the Cruzat sparkling wines rest patiently for 14 to 36 months.