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Articles in degustatividade.com of inaguration of WineChef space in Brazil

Article of the opening of the WineChef space published on the web, where the vertical tastings that Stefano Gandolini made of the Gandolini and Ventolera vineyards stand out.




Best Icon Wine in event Wines Chilean Icons 2018

  Gandolini Las 3 Marías Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 was chosen as the first place in the category Wine Icon in event Wines Chilean Icons 2018.



Visit of Fongyee Walker, the famous Master Of Wine of China.

Last wednesday we received in our warehouse a special group from China, Fongyee Walker and students enrolled in her wine school in Beijing.

The purpose of the visit is to explore the diversity and uniqueness of the wines, producers, food and culture in Chile. It was an excelletn visit and they were amazed by the quality of our wines.


Inauguration of the Winechef Space in Brazil

In the first days of August, a space called WineChef, belonging to the Chilean-Brazilian sommelier Alex Ordenes with his wife Edneia Benfica, was inaugurated in the Pampulha neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

There were several wines Icons of Chile, among them, those of our portfolio vineyards Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal. They also had the special participation of our General Manager of GVV Terroirs, Stefano Gandolini, who is also the winemaker of Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal.

During the inauguration Stefano made a vertical tasting of Gandolini Las 3 Marías Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon and Ventolera Sauvignon Blanc.

You can find more details of the opening and images in the following link.







Event "Reina de Copas", São Paulo, Brazil

On June 15, In São Paulo, Brazil, a unique event called "Queen of Cups" it developed. Where 6 sommeliers from Brazil faced with a selection of wines that they chose in a visit to Chile. Our Gandolini wine "Gandolini Las 3 Marías Vineyards" was chosen by 2 sommeliers and one of them was the winner of the event with its selected wines.

We congratulate Jéssica Marinzeck for her triumph in this event.

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Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Brasilia, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made an event in the restaurant Dom Francisco in Brasilia with some of the best sommeliers of Brasilia, owners of restaurant and importers of wines. The event was focus to Chilean wines of high range. Our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event.


Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made an event in Juiz de Fora of Chilean wines of high range. Our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event. This event was organizate by the Association of Sommeliers of Brazil.


Chilean Premium Wines em parceria com a ABS realizou degustação em Juiz de Fora


Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made an event in Belo Horizonte of Chilean wines of high range. Once Again our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event with the someones of the best sommeliers of the city.


Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Vitoria, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made an event in Vitoria of Chilean wines of high range. Once Again our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event.




Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made an event in Minas Gerais of Chilean wines of high range. In this event participated many sommeliers of the ABS (Associação Brasileira de Sommelier). Once Again our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event.


Visited of ABS Campinas group from Brazil

Our CEO Stefano Gandolini received a group of ABS Campinas Brazil. The group was conformed by the President of ABS Campinas, Bruno Vianna and 25 sommeliers. They went to Viña Ventolera and tasted some wines of the winery and also enjoyed a delicious outdoor  lunch. Then they visited Viña Gandolini, where they tasted the Gandolini Las 3 Marías Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. The visit was classified as fascinating by the group of sommeliers and they did not fail to highlight the excellent wines they tasted during the visits.

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Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour made a second event in Belo Horizonte of Chilean wines of high range. The event was in the restaurant Ah Bon, localited in the neighborhood Lourdes. Once Again our wines from winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal participated in the event.



Article in online magazine of winery Ventolera

The online magazine "Weekly Diamond" made a small article about Viña Ventolera



Chilean Premium Wine – Tasting Tour, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

In the restaurant 68 in Belo Horizonte (state of Minas Gerais) took place a tasting of Chilean wines of high range, where were present wines of winery Gandolini, Ventolera and Von Siebenthal.



Article of Carlos Leite in Brasil

The article belongs to the journalist specializing in wines Carlos Leite (Kaká), who was present at an event held in Vitoria by Chilean Premium wine – tasting Tour, a company belonging to the sommelier Alex Ordenes, and in it describes the work of Stefano Gandolini (CEO of GVV terroirs) in winemaking, its trajectory and a small description of several of the wines that Stefano has produced.

Article in page 13 of the link.


Articles by Álvaro Galvão da Silva from Brazil

Álvaro Galvão da Silva from Brazil made two articles of winery Von Siebenthal.



Viña Gandolini celebrating its 98 pts in El Mundo del Vino wine store, Santiago

Viña Gandolini has celebrated last tuesday the 98 pts , best red wine and best cabernet sauvignon award medalls obtained by Las 3 Marías Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon in the famous Chilean guide Descorchados 2017. The event was hold by our exclusive distributor in Chile, Cavas Reunidas and lead by the reknown Master Sommerlier Hector Vergara. Take a look here below:

Stefano Gandolini and Hector Vergara MS 

Stefano Gandolini and Hector Vergara MS


Gandolini Las 3 Marias Vineyards Cabernet Sauvigon elected BEST CHILEAN WINE with 98 pts!!

The leading wine guide in South America, Guia Descorchados, has elected viña Gandolini 's Las 3 Marias Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, for its first ever vintage, the BEST WINE of the guide with and amazing score of 98 pts!!

This is a great achievement and aknowledgement for Stefano Gandolini who started this project 15 years ago, willing to produce the a world class and iconic chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Gandolini Las 3 Marias CS 2011 98 pts

Do not miss this wine episode at Viña von Siebenthal

Ventolera Sauvignon Blanc 2013 is the perfect pairing for avocados, says World Best Sommelier

The World Best Sommelier 2000 Olivier Poussier has mentionned Ventolera Sauvignon Blanc 2013 as a perfect pairing with the Chilean national fruit: the avocado!Ventolera SB 2013 RVF

World best sommelier chooses Ventolera Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc for a perfect match with a Ceviche

In the french famous monthly wine magazine Revue des Vins de France, Olivier Poussier aka World Best Sommelier in 2000, has choosen Ventolera Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc 2014 as a perfect food-pairing for a ceviche:

Cerro Alegre in RVF


Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur for GVV Terroirs' wines

Revise the pictures of that Masterclasses of the GVV Terroirs' portfolio that has been performed Stefano Gandolini in Kuala Lumpur, organized by our importer for Malaysia and Singapore, JJ Retailer .

Stefano Gandolini

92 pts for LTU 2011 in the last Argentinian listing of the Wine Spectator

Last ranking of Argentinian Wines by the Wine Spectator scored LTU 2011the 3rd best score with 92 pts! Congratulations to the team to maintain LTU as a reference in the high-end Malbecs wines from the Uco Valley!

WS cover

Pinot Noirs of Ventolera praised by Hong-Kong's leading wine magazine CRU

The Hong-Kong based wine magazine has praised the exceptionnal rise of the Pinot Noirs from Chile, and among them been laudatory with all 3 Pinot Noirs from Ventolera. They have awarded the best score to Claro de Luna Pinot Noir with 93 pts, chosen to be shown in the front cover.

Front cover CRU March 2016

Parker 2016: GVV Terroir wineries confirm their exceptional steady quality

The last report of the eRobertParker wine leading critic review has unveiled great scores for the entire GVV Terroirs' portfolio. Moreover, it shows an impressive steadiness over the high quality of our wines, in comparison with the last year report. Here comes what you must remember:

Gandolini Las 3 Marías Vineyards is definitely settling among the selective club of great Cabernet sauvignons of Chile reknown D.O. Maipo Alto, with maintaining steady high scores on its first vintages:

Las 3 Marías 3 vintages scores


Litoral Sauvignon Blanc among the best value wines in South America by Decanter!

The famous British wine magazine Decanter has choosen Litoral Sauvignon Blanc among its selection of the best value buys from South America!

"Subtle, leafy and smoke aromas give way to a confident, zesty palate. Zingy herbs, citrus fruit and saline flavours are complex and textural. Charming, sophisticated and very promising. 90+"

Decanter best buys from South America

Slow vino: GVV terroirs' Chilean wineries gather into a new wine association

The website The Drink Business wrote about the newly created wine association that gathers Viña Gandolini, Viña Ventolera, Pulso and Maturana wines, Andes Plateau and Las Luciérnagas. The aim is to present and represent winemakers that are "focused on terroir and committed to a specific place". Read the full article here 

Ximena Pacheco (Pulso) and José Ignacio Maturana (Maturana wines)

Entrevista a Stefano Gandolini por Hugo Sabogal en la revista Diners (Colombia)

El reconocido periodista colombiano Hugo Sabogal publicó en la revista Diners (Colombia) un largo artículo sobre Stefano Gandolini y los vinos de viña Gandolini, Ventolera y von Siebenthal. Revísala aquí!

Stefano Gandolini


Ventolera & von Siebenthal attend Vinos Iconos de Chile

Vinos Iconos de Chile

Ventolera and von Siebenthal will attend the reknown show "Icon wines of Chile" (Vinos Iconos de Chile) next 21st & 22nd of August, at Club El Golf 50, Las Condes, Santiago. Drop by Ventolera's booth and get a chance to taste our acclaimed Ventolera range (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah), Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc or Claro de Luna Pinot Noir; or drop by von Siebenthal's booth to taste some Carabantes Syrah, Montelig red blend, Toknar Petit Verdot or Tatay de Cristobal Carmenere!

Do not miss this article from el Diario Financiero, where Ventolera and von Siebenthal have been quoted as the inmissable wineries of the show!

See you there!

Rain of Awards for Ventolera at Wine & Gourmet Fair in Taipei

Ventolera wines have received 3 awards at the last Wine & Gourmet fair in Taipei (Taiwan). It is a great recognition and honor for Ventolera wines that show they are well fitted for the Taiwanese palate.

Wine & Gourmet fair 2015 1 Ventolera booth crowded

92 points in Wine Spectator for LTU 2011 !

LTU keeps following its path through excellency by obtaining the score of 92 pts in the last issue of Wine Spectator. It is the best scored in the issue among the other Argentinian Malbec wines.

This score comes as a confirmation for GVV Terroirs to bet on the grand Terroir for Malbec that is La Consulta in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina.

LTU 2011 WS

Interview of GVV Terroirs' Commercial Director Cristian Muñoz, in El Mercurio

"Luxury wines, the neglected side": In the last edition of the weekly supplement Campo, from the renown Chilean Newspaper El Mercurio, our Commercial Director Cristián Muñoz, speaks about the challenges that one faces selling luxury Chilean wines abroad.

Cristian Munoz in El Mercurio

Ventolera showed well at the London Wine Fair!

Ventolera was shown by our English importer Hallgarten Druitt during the annual London Wine Fair. An increase of 52% of the attendees at the booth let us believe Ventolera wines have something to do with it ;)

London Wine Fair 1 London Wine Fair 2

USA & Asian tour for GVV Terroirs at Luxury Wine Fairs

In May 2015, GVV Terroirs attented to no more than 7 fairs for high end wines, called World Leading Wines, in the USA and Asia. Unlike big open other wine fairs, WLW fairs put in contact and gather only a selected amount of wine importers as well as high end wineries from all over the world. The fairs happens in prestigious multiple stars Hotel.

Cristián Muñoz Daimei Fan

For the first time, it was granted the privilege to GVV Terroirs to attend the fair, not as a winery, but as a Luxury Wine Negociant and its exclusive portfolio of Chile and Argentina.

Video: A pleasant afternoon in viña Ventolera (spanish)

Discover the video of the launching of Ventolera icons in April, on canaldelvino.cl (spanish)

Ventolera presents its iconic wines to the press

March 4, 2015: It was a sunny afternoon at Ventolera winery when the press was invited to discover its 2 iconic cuvées, Claro de Luna Pinot Noir and Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc. A visit of the winery and a tour in the vineyards has lead the guest to seat down for a lunch while tasting a vertical of Ventolera's icons: 2013 & 2014 for Cerro Alegre, 2012 & 2011 for Claro de Luna.

Claro de Luna Pinot Noir

94 pts for LTU 2010 in the Wine Enthusiast!

LTU 2010 just got awarded 94 pts by the Wine Enthusiast!

LTU 2010 WE 94 pts

"The 2010 Malbec is rich and smooth up front, with robust, lusty aromas of coconut, graphite, blackberry and blueberry. Creamy oak and fresh acidity make for a plush, modern mouthfeel, while flavors of coconut, toffee, vanilla and blackberry are deep and pure. A ripe, round, decadent finish with flavors of toasted coconut flake, berry extract and tight tannins wraps this up. Drink through 2020." Michael Schachner

This is a great achievement for LTU that seeks to demonstrate the extraordinary terroir of La Consulta, Uco valley, Mendoza, in Argentina.

GVV Terroirs held Masterclasses in Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore

During the all month of January, the GVV Terroirs team went to support its clients in Asia, and has held Masterclasses to explains terroirs from Chile & Argentina to their customers. Here's a drop of some pictures of theses events.

GVV Terroirs range Masterclass in Malaysia

Exceptional achievements for Ventolera and Andes Plateau in Descorchados 2015

Ventolera has confirmed its place as a leader in the cold climate terroirs of Chile by achieving remarcable scores in the last issue of the Chilean wine guide Descorchados 2015.

Cerro Alegre 2014, the icon Sauvignon Blanc cuvée, has been elected as the best wine from the Leyda valley, and is featured among the best white wines of Chile, gathering the exceptional score or 95pts!

"A wine from the best ones that has given the 2014 vintage" Patricio Tapa, Descorchados 2015

In the meantime, Ventolera Sauvignon Blanc 2014 gathered a wonderful score of 94 points, and Litoral Sauvignon Blanc 2014 a 92 points, making it one of the best value of Chilean wines.


Andes Plateau with its 700+ cuvée has made an amazing entrance in the leading wine guide in South-America with a score of 93 points for its first ever vintage!

"700+ shines for its freshness, smoothness and elegance. A juicy and friendly wine, but also with a great balance" Patricio Tapa, Descorchados 2015

Descorchados 2015Andes Plateau 700+

Theses scores confirms our will to demonstrate that only grand terroirs can make grand wines, so why we focus on this exceptional sub-area that is San Juan in the heart of the Leyda Valley, and the Andes Mountains for Andes Plateau.

GVV Terroirs comes back from Vinexpo Japan

GVV Terroirs attendance at Vinexpo Nippon in Tokyo on November 1st-2nd has been a great success. Thank you to all the importers and great business contacts our team has meet up there.

To all Japanese wine lovers, we'll see you soon...!

GVV Team at Vinexpo Japan

Ventolera launches its iconic cuvées in Chile

Ventolera has officially lauched in October its iconic wines, Cerro Alegre Sauvignon Blanc and Claro de Luna Pinot Noir, during a dinner with its exclusive distributors in the country, Cavas Reunidas S.A.


Maipo valley ranked 3rd best wine region to visit in the world

According to a poll carried out by 10 Best Reader´s Choice from USA TODAY, Chile's Maipo Valley has been elected has the third best region in the world to be worth visiting.

Maipo Andes in Maipo valley

Wine Advocate / Robert Parker 2014: Rain of great scores for GVV Terroirs' portfolio

GVV Terrroirs' wines have been rated as the topmost exclusive portfolio from Chile. On June 27, 2014; Robert Parker's Annual Chilean edition (The Wine Advocate publication) rated 16 of our wines with most of them 90+ points.


GVV Terroirs welcomes 2 renown Chinese experts

At the end of June, GVV Terroirs has welcomed 2 famous wine experts and journalist from China, to share our vision of Terroir's wines and show them around our wineries from Chile.

Panquehue terroirGandolini terroir

International Trophy for Cruzat Cuvée Réserve Rosé Extra-Brut and other awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 !

Bodega Cruzat has just been awarded the  International Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Award, for the BEST sparkling under £15 !!

International Trophy Decanter 2014 for Sparkling Wines under £15

GVV Terroirs in Vinexpo!

GVV Terroirs's Team sends its greetings from Vinexpo Hong-Kong! If you are around, do not hesitate to drop by our booth 1-H20 and discover our incredible selection of Premium Chile & Argentina's wines.


GVV Team in Vinexpo HK

Visit us at Vinexpo Hong-Kong!

GVV Terroirs will be present at Vinexpo Asia-Pacific 2014 in Hong-Kong, from May 27th to 29th! Drop by our booth 1-H20 to discover all our exclusive portfolio of ultra premium Terroir wines from Chile and Argentina.

With 15,000 sq. m., 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world, and 17 to 18,000 exclusively professional visitors, Vinexpo is the world’s leading international wine and spirits exhibition.


See you there!

GVV Terroirs' Team

Stefano Gandolini joined Ventolera as a partner and Chief Winemaker and his commitment to produce world-class

In 2011, Stefano Gandolini joined Ventolera as a partner and Chief Winemaker and his commitment to produce world-class wines can be proved by his international award-wining reputation as well as by the outstanding quality of his Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs, which are considered among the best from Chile.